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Learn About HVAC Products, Terms & Efficiency

There is a lot to know about modern heating, cooling and indoor air quality solutions. Even though you can trust Paterno's Heating & Air Conditioning for the best advice, understanding common HVAC concepts will empower you to feel confident in your buying decisions! We hope the following information is helpful!

Paterno's Heating & Air Conditioning HVAC Information HVAC-101
Find out more about HVAC products on our HVAC-101 page. Learn the difference between a heat pump and an air conditioner, and find out why a hybrid system can save you money!

HVAC 101

Long Beach Indoor Air Quality Indoor Air Quality
Modern construction means homes are more energy efficient with tighter seals on windows and doors. This however only compounds the problem of indoor air pollution.

Indoor Air Quality

Long Beach Energy Operation Costs HVAC Operating Cost
The cost of your heating and air conditioning system includes not only an initial price, but the ongoing cost of operation. Your choice today will impact your finances for as long as you live in your home.

Learn About Operating Costs

Paterno's Heating & Air Conditioning HVAC Information Paterno's Heating & Air Conditioning Glossary
If you have ever been confused by words like MERV, SEER and condenser coil, then visit our glossary to enhance your HVAC vocabulary!

HVAC Glossary

Long Beach Energy Operation Costs Homeowner Tips
Learn important things about HVAC maintenance and energy efficiency from us and the Energy Star® Energy Efficient Heating & Cooling guide!

Paterno's Heating & Air Conditioning Tips

Paterno's Heating & Air Conditioning HVAC Information FAQ
On our frequently asked questions page find answers to commonly asked questions about air conditioning, heating and indoor air quality products for your home.


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