Tips To Maintenance Your Air Conditioner – AC Cooling Guide

Tips To Maintenance Your Air Conditioner – AC Cooling Guide

When cold winter weather transitions to warmer days, it is a great and welcome change. Moving from warm weather to hot weather is often not a comfortable experience. Your air conditioner can provide much-needed relief. However, if it is not functioning properly, you will be left not under the collar. By taking a few simple steps, you can keep your cooling system running in pristine condition.

Keep your system in great shape by following these 7 Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips.

1) Filter Changes

This first and easy tip is one of the best to keep your unit operational. Make monthly filter changes a regular part of your routine. A clogged filter strains the cooling system and causes the unit to work harder than necessary. A clean filter is a low-cost way to maintain your system while lowering utility costs.

2) Clean your coils

A cooling system needs to have its AC coils and find clean. Walking around the unit and removing leaves, dirt and debris go a long way to keep the cool air flowing. Use a broom, and a traditional water hose is better than the strong spray from a pressure washer that can be too much for a cooling system. This only takes a few minutes, and it is worthwhile to keep things clean and free.

3) Trim those hedges

Any plants or shrubs near units must be trimmed. This prevents overgrowth from interfering with the unit’s performance. Make sure to leave adequate clearance around the unit for good airflow.

4) Dryer vent Angles

Do not angle your dryer vent towards the cooling unit. The exhaust can blow long into the unit’s vents, causing congestion that can be avoided by pointing the vent of your dryer in a different direction.

5) Thermostat Adjustment

Set your thermostat for a higher temperature when you are away from home. This lowers the work your unit has to do and utility costs. Updated thermostats let you program the thermostat to coordinate with your daily schedule. This optimizes the unit and increases its efficiency.

6) Inspect ductwork and seal openings

A home with properly sealed windows and doors keeps cool longer. Inspect ductwork regularly to ensure proper seals.

7) Schedule an annual cooling system tuneup.

Before the weather heats up, turn to a professional for servicing of your air conditioning system. This is a great proactive tip to spot issues before the temperature rises. A pro will look over your unit and perform maintenance. This service can help correct potential problems that can turn into more costly problems later. It usually costs between $125 and $175. This small investment is worth it to ward off thousands in AC repair or replacement down the line.

Once an AC professional arrives, they will conduct an inspection of the unit to spot potential issues. This involves voltage testing, measuring refrigerant levels, inspecting belts, hoses, and ducts. They can also apply lubricant as needed to keep things running smoothly.

An inspection of the blower motor and thermostat is the next order of business. A faulty thermostat may not properly operate to allow correct temperature regulation of the unit. A motor that pulls in too many amps can overload and need prompt replacement.

Filters should be checked monthly. A technician servicing your unit will do so as part of routine maintenance. They will also inspect and clean components such as evaporator coils, drainage lines, condensers, and compressors.

The tech will also take measurements of coolant levels and watch the unit’s operation during a normal cooling cycle. Then they can diagnose and make service recommendations.